TRETA Scholarship

Did you know that TRETA offers a $1000 annual scholarship for real estate students?

To be eligible to receive this scholarship, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements based on their classification:

A. Four Year Institutions: (1 per year)

  1. Must have a major in real estate or finance with a degree plan on file with the college
  2. Must have completed a basic principals course in real estate and one other real estate core course
  3. Accumulative overall GPA in real estate courses of 3.0 or above

B. Community Colleges: (2 per year)

  1. Must have a major in real estate (degree plan should be on file with the college)
  2. Must have completed at least 12 credit hours
  3. Have a minimum 3.0 accumulative GPA in core real estate courses

C. Proprietary Schools: (2 per year)

  1. Must have completed six hours of required core courses
  2. Exhibited exceptional ability in test scores

All applications should be made to TRETA Communications Director by April 1, of each year. Please email applications to

Download the application