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Benefits of joining TRETA

While it would be impossible to join and participate in every available community, selecting one or two to become involved with can have a positive impact on your education business. Joining the Texas Real Estate Teachers Association will help you grow as an education professional.

Though TRETA is comprised mainly of real estate education professionals in Texas, we also have members from nearby states such as Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma and even Canada!

Our mission is to help you grow as an educator and give you the information and tools you need to be a better teacher, run a better business, and use the latest tools to give relevant information to your students.

TRETA is about sharing information and experience to make our industry better and that comes from you! Whether you are new to the real estate education industry or you have been teaching for decades, TRETA is the place for you.

We value your input and your membership. TRETA is about YOU!

Our Mission

  • To be the premier education resource for Texas Real Estate Teachers,

  • To serve as a network and a vehicle for the exchange of ideas for Texas Real Estate Teachers, and

  • To serve as a voice for the concerns and issues of TRETA members.


We’re all about real estate related education, which includes a range of subjects such as mortgage, appraisal, surveying, and real estate economics too.


We meet anually in April at our educator conference where you will hear guest speakers present topics that will give you new insights into your education processes and business in addition to covering new information for you to share in your classrooms whether live or online.


Attending local events sponsored by your local organization gives you the unique opportunity to make connection with state and local educators. You’ll also meet conference sponsors who provide amazing access to their course materials and other resources that help you build your business.


Our quarterly newsletter features articles from TRETA members who are sharing their experience and joy of teaching to give you new insights and tricks to use in your teaching environment, whatever that may be.


One of the many perks to a TRETA membership is access to discounted registration fees for events like the annual conference, for which registration was offered to members last year at a $100 discount, easily covering the cost of membership.
    CREI Designation

CREI Designation

Whether you‘re new to real estate education or an experienced veteran, earning the professional TRETA Certified Real Estate Instructor designation will provide you with a lot of benefits. Increased marketing exposure and credibility are just some of the advantages offered to those willing to fulfill the requirements for certification.

Our CREI program has been around for over 20 years and has included and been led by some of the great leaders in Texas real estate education.



We host several events throughout the year. Our primary event is the Annual Conference which is hosted in a different city every year in April.

We also have several workshops to qualify for our special designation program, TRETA Certified Real Estate Instructor. You must attend two workshops to be eligible to apply for the CREI designation.

We also host a CREI update workshop prior to the annual conference.



Did you know that TRETA offers a $1000 annual scholarship for real estate students?

This scholarship can be extremely helpful for one of your students who is looking to enter the real estate industry.

There is an application process that is further described in the link below.

Applications are due by May 1st of each year.