What is TRETA?

TRETA stands for Texas Real Estate Teachers Association, although our membership includes teachers from other states.


TRETA was established in 1976 for real estate educators from colleges, universities, proprietary schools, regulatory agencies, real estate organizations, boards and associations and all individuals interested in the quality and excellence of real estate education.

The purpose of TRETA shall be:

  • To be the premier education resource for Texas Real Estate Teachers,
  • To serve as a network and a vehicle for the exchange of ideas for Texas Real Estate Teachers, and
  • To serve as a voice for the concerns and issues of TRETA members.

Goals and Objectives

  • Enable real estate educators to share ideas and experiences.
  • Provide members with opportunities for educational and professional growth.
  • Provide liaison with other real estate associations.
  • Offer recommendations to state regulatory agencies affecting real estate education.
  • Collect and disperse information on real estate programs, materials and research.

What’s Available

  • The opportunity to achieve the CREI (Certified Real Estate Instructor) designation.
  • An annual conference held every year in April. The allows for the exchange of ideas and opportunities to grow in knowledge through other professionals.
  • Excellent speakers for the real estate industry.
  • Updates related to the real estate industry for the real estate educator.
  • Special opportunities to hear industry leaders and educators.
  • The scholarship program where each year, the Charles Jacobus Scholarship is awarded to real estate students in the state. This allows the student to further his or her higher education.
  • Many awards and much recognition bestowed upon individuals who have made outstanding contributions to education.